LH Double Girder Light Duty Overhead Crane

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Double Girder Overhead Crane(Light Duty)

LH Double Girder Overhead Crane is a light duty overhead crane.  It is excellent for workshop and assembly workshop for light duty job.

Light duty normally refers to A3 (FEM 1) working situation.  It is often used for warehouse, general workshop.

Wire Rope Hoist

The hoist is a trolley wire rope hoist exactly same as LDA single girder overhead crane. By using this designing, the lifting and traveling is more safe and more stable. We recommend this crane for 10t and above.

The trolley runs on two girders by sitting on top of the 4-wheel trolley. In this case, more effective working room can be achieved.

Box Girders

The 2 box girders supports the trolley hoist and driven for long traveling by 2 sets of gearbox and motors.  

End Carriage

The end carriage uses 400mm diameter wheels. Buffers protects from collision.

Option Parts

How to choose rail?

Rail or track is to be choosen by according to the wheel pressure of the overhead crane.  The rails are available by 24kg/m, 38kg/m, 43kg/m, etc. 

The quantity (length)of the rail is double length of the long travel. E.g. if the overhead crane travelling length is 80m, the rail length should be 80mx2. Related fixing parts such as pressure plate, connection board, rubber pad, etc will be supplied.

The rail can be fixed by welding or bolting.  Please choose proper ones.