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 FEM CRANE is a new designed crane following FEM(Europe), DIN(Germany) and ANSI(U.S.A) rules, which has many advantage compare with the traditional cranes, such as strong rigidity, light dead weight, low power, outstanding structure design etc. All movements have 2 speeds to make precising work. 

The configurations are very advanced, such as Schneider electrical appliances, ABM/Nord / SEW triple gear motor (three in one: motor, gear box, brake), galvanized high strength wire rope, self-adjusted disk brake, hard tooth reducer, programmable lifting limit switch, and so on.

FEM Overhead Crane

FEM overhead crane adopting a unique design concept, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel pressure. Compared with typical cranes, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest, and the headroom is the lowest. The SHENGI crane can work closer to the front and has a higher lifting height, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant. Because the crane has the characteristics of light weight and low wheel pressure, the new workshop space can be designed smaller and more complete. A smaller plant means that the initial construction investment, as well as long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs can save a considerable amount of money.

FEM Gantry Crane

The FEM gantry crane is designed and manufactured according to European FEM advanced standards. The rated lifting capacity is 3t~320t. Compared with the traditional MG, the feature is the use of European standard trolley configuration, the hard tooth surface gearbox, the drive adopts three-in-one drive, and the whole crane adopts PLC + inverter control technology. Improve the product performance, at the same time, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by more than 15%, and the wheel pressure is reduced by 10-20%. It is widely used in factories, freight yards, warehouses and other places for cargo lifting.