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Lyfoo Industry Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, LYFOO began its operations as a subsidiary of Shengqi Machinery Group, a prominent crane manufacturer in China.

After more than 20 years of development, Lyoo has evolved into a comprehensive enterprise in the material handling industry, integrating manufacturing and sales. The product range includes over a hundred items such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jibs, manual hoists, electrical hoists, pallet truck, hydraulic jack, fiber slings, chains, pulleys, magnet lifters, hooks, shackles, and more.

“Entering Advance Sectors”

LYFOO continues to expand continuously in more advanced fields. Our customized cranes can address various needs in industrial settings, successfully providing solutions for major domestic companies such as China Aerospace, China Nuclear Power, China Petroleum, as well as internationally renowned companies like Siemens and Samsung. In 2010, our company developed the overhead patient lift system for the medical and elderly care industries, filling a gap in the domestic market. In 2019, we entered the high-pressure water pump cleaning sector and successfully developed various types of high-pressure water pumps ranging from 500 to 40000 bar. Meanwhile, we have established in-depth collaborations with domestic companies such as LUCKY Group and Guoming Ductile Pipe in the international market.

Main Products

Shengqi Machinery Group, the top 3 crane factory in China producing overhead crane and gantry crane up to 650t. As a daughter company, our company is responsible for international market developing.  Product available: overhead cranegantry craneFEM Crane jib crane, Non-rail gantry crane, wire rope hoist, etc.

Light duty material handling product include manual hoistmagnet lifterfiber sling, jack, pallet, chains, etc. More details….

In 2017, LUCKY FILM GOUP has appointed LYFOO to be the exclusive distributor for their low-pressure measurement film for the International market.  LUCKY is the only pressure film producers beside FUJI in the world. Now we have 1LW, 2LW, 3LW, 4LW, 5LW and MS available.

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