CXTS Single Girder Overhead Crane

CXTS Single Overhead Crane is designed and fabricated accoring to FEM standard.  Even the FEM crane has only started from 5 years ago, Chinese FEM crane develops quickly.

The FEM overhead crane is compact layout and modular structre design. Based on same rail track level, FEM crane gives more effective lifting height, thus reduce a lot on the investment of the workshop structure. 

CXTD Double Girder Overhead Crane

FEM Double Girder Overhead Cranes have light weight, compact structure and low energy consumption. A trolley and lifting mechanism are set on the bridge frame. The trolley can run back and forth, and the trolley can move to realize the transportation of materials in three-dimensional space. 

Girder Fabrication

The square shape box girder makes the crane to be super low-headroom crane, the light girder also decrease the wheel pressure.  Adopts Q235B GB steel plate, the girder is strong and safe.  Box girder is manual painting which is enviroment friendly. 

End Carriage

The compact end carriage is modular designing, less weight but strong rigid welding structure. AMB motor and gearbox makes the end carriages running with a adjustable speed smoothly.

Wire Rope Hoist
Monorail Hoist
Crab Hoist