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Bucket Wheel Reclaimer (300m³/h,500m³/h,700m³/h)

The bucket wheel reclaimer is designed for material handling. It is an ideal solution for  sand and gravel aggregate market and the port material terminal to achieve high efficiency, environmental protection and automatic loading and unloading.

We have 3 models available: 300m³/h, 500m³/h and 700m³/h.

Bucket Wheel Excavator (1500m³,2000m³,3000m³/h)

The full hydraulic bucket wheel excavator is characterized by using a diesel engine to drive a hydraulic pump, which in turn drives hydraulic actuators to achieve various functions. The machine is controlled by an industrial programmable controller (PLC), which can realize manual, semi-automatic and remote wireless remote control operations. The degree of automation is high, and the integration of mechatronics and hydraulics is realized.