Non-Rail Gantry Crane

In many cases, the general overhead crane and gantry crane is not applicable. The workshop might not have enough place to install a crane, and we developed non-rail gantry crane. 

The non-rail gantry crane runs on floor. Capacity can be made up to 20t. In order to make it more useful, we design the leg can be adjustable to meet different roofs.

Leg Height Adjustable

“Adjustable Leg” or “Telescopic Leg” It is a very useful feature. When the crane is under no-loading, the leg can be extended to by 20% -40%of the original height, to make the whole gantry higher, therefore, the gantry crane will give a higher effective lifting height.  This is much flexible than a fixed height gantry crane.

Adjusted by Manual Winch

By 2 units of manual winches, the legs of the gantry can be extended easily.   After the legs extending to a position, a pin should be insert into the leg.  There are normally 3 points of extending, and each of them are 500-700mm inverval.

Adjusted by Electrical/Manual Screw

Screw driving is a electrical drives to extend the leg.  The asending of the leg can be at “mm” scale and no-pin needed for lock the leg. 

This is perfect for very confined place. In this case, the gantry can reach maximum height as much as possible, even touch the roof.

Tell us some key points to get offer
  • Capacity
  • Width
  • Lifting height
  • Manual or Electrical

If you give a detailed description about what you need this crane to do, that will be helpful for us to give you a proper solution.

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