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How to secure your candle in the candle holder?

Our new solution solve your problem easily and permanently.

  • 【Traditional Solution】In the old time, grandma wrap a strip paper towel around the candle to secure the candle in the holder. Now same solution but safe and beautiful wax strip hold the candle securely upright easily.
  • 【3D Adaptor Strips】The secure strip has a 3D honeycomb 1.7mm/0.07 inch thickness structure. It can be pressed to 1mm/0.04 inch thinner to meet small gap so that to meet different size of holders.
  • 【25 pcs Colorful Strips】The strip pack comes with 24pcs 1×4 inch and 1 pc 4×6 inch wax sheet. Choose your ideal colorful strip to adapt your candle and holder according to their color and design.
  • 【Secure Firmly】The wax strip can hold the candle securely upright if the candle is too small for the holder from the beginning to the end of the burning without readjusting.
  • 【Easy and Safe】 Simply wrap one strip around the candle base. Wax strip is made of same material as candle does, so never got burn with flame like the paper towel, rubber towel or PE towel.
  • 【Mess-free】The secure strip will not makes a sticky mess on your fingers or the candle holders like the tape or any other raw wrapping material. The candle adaptor strip is also easy to remove even it is mixing melt with the candle.

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