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Iron Oxide Pigment

Features: Iron oxide pigment toner, strong covering power, high adhesion, high dispersion, good stability, factory straight hair, various color dyes, large quantity is preferred. Widely used in building materials, coatings, plastics, electronics, tobacco, medicine, rubber, ceramics, ink, magnetic materials, papermaking and other fields.

  • Product name: Iron oxide pigment red
  • Product color: red, yellow, blue, black, green etc.
  • Product specification: 25kg/bag
  • Performance use: coating building materials


Waterborne Paint

Ink Pigment


Colored Cement

Introduction: Iron oxide pigment is suitable for various paint coloring and protective substances, including water-based interior and exterior wall flips, powder coatings, etc.; also suitable for oil-based paints including alkyd, amino and other primers and topcoats; can also be used for decorative paints, furniture Lacquer and magnetic materials.

1. Chemical properties: The chemical properties are stable and have good properties such as strong ultraviolet absorption, light resistance, and weather resistance.

2. Dispersibility: It has good dispersibility, stable storage, good compatibility with other components in the application system, and can enhance the anti-rust and anti-ultraviolet properties of the paint.

3. Color: The product has bright color, high coloring rate, and the powder is natural and delicate.

4. Quality and safety: the company’s self-help research and development, production, refined finished products, multiple equipment testing, to ensure product quality.

5. Scope of application: coloring of plastic runways, flower-level bricks, road bricks, inks, colored tiles, and building cement materials.