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Hand Pallet Truck(HPT)

Hand pallet truck also known as manual pallet truck, hand pallet truck when use the carrying goods fork into the tray hole,by the ability to drive hydraulic system to realize the pallet load lifting and falling, and pulled by human complete handling operations.

Rated Load (kg)2000300030005000
Min. Height (mm)85858590
Max. Lift Height(mm)200200200200
Fork Wheel (mm)180*50180*50180*50180*50
Overall Height (mm)80*7080*7080*7080*68
Overall Length (mm)1220122012201240
Nominal Length (mm)1560156015601600
Nominal Width (mm)550685550/685685
Fork Size W*H (mm)150/55160/65160/65180/65
Weight (kg)557068/72140
Ground Clearance (mm)25151525
Overall Dimensions2270*550*6202360*685*6302260*550*630/
Wheel MaterialNylon/PUNylon/PUNylon/PUNylon

Integrated Pump Assembly

Safety and No Oil Leakage

Our production line adopts the most advanced stamping equipment, one-time molding, to maximize the accuracy of each structural part.

More than 90% of the welding uses robotic welding machines to ensure the quality and strength of the welding. Beautiful welds and high strength.

International market

Hundreds of thousand HPT has been exported to over 30 countries including the United Stateds, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The development of the international market has further reduced our production costs, so that we can provide customers with more cost-effective products.


The quality has been keep increasing with reasonable feedback from customers world widely.