Home Use Patient Lift

Five units of patient lift systems have been delivered to Shanghai today.  Five families will release their hand and give better taking care for their beloved ones.

For home use, the patient lift system is made of ceiling track (also available by aluminum gantry), traveling part and hoisting part.  Quite useful for patient or elder person carrying from bed to chair.

This set of product released in 2018, and get good reputation from Chinese market.

Pipe Inside Inspection Crane

Non-rail Gantry Crane designed for pipe inside inspction.

The working platform can moving up and down to send the worker into the pipe for inspection work.

Arabian Peninsula overhead cranes installed

Shengqi Machinery Group has concluded a project with Arabian Peninsula at a total value of USD 3.5 millions. The project includes overhead crane with European standard designing. All those cranes have been installed and approved by clients.

PT3 Non-Rail Crane Installed

Leg height is adjustable to achieve highest effective position.  This is one of the best feature of the PT3 non-rail crane. 

The crane can be full manual or half manual or full electrical driving.