Lyfoo Industry Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, LYFOO starts business as the exporting center of Shengqi Machinery Group, who is one of the leading crane manufactures here in China.


Clients can always find the latest prices for over 100 products, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, jib, manual hoist, electrical hoist, fiber sling, chain, pulley, magnet lifter, hook, shackles, etc.

In 2010, Lyfoo Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Bejing as the daughther company of Shengqi Machinery Group.  Shengqi Machinery Group is a professional crane factory with 2000 stuffs. The product covers overhead crane and gantry crane up to 900t.

In 2012, LYFOO has acquired TOYA Hoist Machinery,  and start manufacturing manual hoist and electrical hoist.

In 2013,  LYFOO started a cooperation with Huabei Technology University and developed the first Patient Lift product in China.  This product got warmly welcome from the market, and it helps a lot for the disable persons to move.

In 2015, LYFOO has developed portable gantry crane.  The light duty gantry crane is also called floor crane, it runs on floor and features height adjustable. We supply hundreds of units to the market with cusomized designing.

In 2017, LUCKY FILM GOUP has appointed LYFOO to be the exclusive distributor for their low-pressure measurement film for the International market.  LUCKY is the only pressure film producers beside FUJI in the world.

In 2018, LYFOO has been funded by 35 companies from the material handling material industry and  set up  a Workshop Union project (short as WKS union).  WKS union provides Super Cost Effective and Super Quality Controlled product to the market.    Workshop Unioncarries out an individual QC program for the products before delivering from the factories. Thus, the product sold from Workshop Union will be double quality controlled. In the coming days, our offer from Workshop Union Co., Ltd. will be terms of EXWorkshop rather than EXW.  Surprising price will be obtained.