LD Single Girder Overhead Crane

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LDA single grider overhead crane is a traditional single girder overhead crane. It is a midium work duty crane which is pupuar for general lifting work in the workshop.  It can be used for general workshop, warehouse, logistic room, and related industries.


Capacity: 0.5t-20t

Span: 7.5m-31.5m

Box Girder

The girder is fabricated with top brand steel plate with 8mm and 10mm.LD type electric single girder overhead cranes is the most common crane. It has the advantage of light deadweight, little material, low price, easy control and convenient amending. LD type single beam electric bridge crane was recommended by WTO and apply to China standard JB/T1306-94.

Industrial yellow, orange or customized painting can be chosen. Sa 2.5 surface treatment, 2×2  layer with thickness 80um.

Electrical Hoist

The overhead crane can be equipped with a wire rope hoist, or electrical chain hoist. 

End Carriage


Safety device:  Overload limit switch, counter-weight hook limit switch, over-voltage protection, buffer protection for cross and long travel protection.

Optional Parts

Rail is available 24kg/m, 38kg/m, 43kg/m, QU70, QU80 for different cranes.


Busbar has different model, and we will give recommendation based on different crane.