Fixed Height Gantry

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Height Fixed Gantry Crane

It is a most simple non-rail gantry crane with overall height fixed. It is permanant high compare with the “height adjustable” crane. The simple designing makes it easy operation and easy maintainance.

Overall Height Fixed

You donot have to buy a “height adjustable” crane if it is not necessary. It is completely same features as the “height adjustable” crane except the overall measurement.

Big Capacity Available

The crane can be designed to 20t. With a low headroom chain hoist, it can give a good performance for your workshop.

Permanant installed on position

In many cased, the crane frame can be permanently installed on a specific postion above the ground. You do not have to invest big money on the foundation and heavy duty crane.

Amazing Tool

It is a simple tool or working platform which can be located in any places, workshop, garage, yard, corridar, etc. You might not realize it is there, but you will find it is amazing tool someday.