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About Lucky Group

LUCKY GROUP is a state-owned company since 1958. It is famous for her color-film for camera. In fact, she was the one of the 3 color film producers(LUCKY, Kodak, FUJI) in the world. Besides the color film, she keeps on new material and new hi-tech produce developing. For example, all Chinese ID card and all Chinese train ticket adopts her material product. Now, her product covers film, PS/CTP,B/W,BOPET,TAC,FPE,magnet material, etc.

Research Center

China Lucky owns National Enterprise Technical Center, and has been successively listed as “National Postdoctoral Research Station”, “National Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Enterprise” and “Foreign Intelligence Introduction Experiment Unit” by the Ministry of State Personnel, State Intellectual Property Bureau and other units.

Production Capacity

Lucky now has 3 pressure film production line and the monthly capacity is 10,000 boxes.  At the end of this year, the capacity could reach 20,000 boxes.

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