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FEM Wire Rope Hoist

We design and manufacture standard FEM hoist for single girder applications up through M5 duty and DIN Clall “A2” hoist.  The hoist lifting capacity is up to 50t, with dual speeds for lifting, and inverter control for trolley speed.

CXTS FEM wire rope hoist is designed and fabricated according to DIN and FEM regulation. It is compact, light weight and strong performance hoist.  Adopts high technology with Europe technology, and combinne with Chinese advanced supplying chain, makes the hoist same performance as Europe brand, but with only 30% cost of that.

AMB motor and gearbox, Schneder Inverters as key parts of the hoist, we make this hohist full alternative of the expensive Europe brands.  The hoist is equipped with overload limit switch, top and bellow limit switch. 

Dual lifting speeds, LT and CT travelling with inverter control, the CXTS hoist meet all precising assembly and the related works.  This hoist is maintenance-free and less wearing.

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