New Design 2500kg-3000kg Winch

Subvert 60 years of traditional design

Due to the limitation of the technology 40 years ago, the traditional winches was designed with big size while low efficiency. E.g. the 500-1000kg electrical winch is normally 46kg of its self weight.  It takes more shipping cost and installation labor. The gears are made from common steel material, and the lathe machine accuracy is low. As a result, those winches are noisy and power consumption.  The motor temperature rise quickly and it is very easy burned under continuous work.

Electrical Winch for Car

Electrical winch is commonly used for pulling an automobile or a boat from a procrastination, and it is also widely used as a part of crane for light duty working. 


Powered by the battery with 12v/24v, the electrical winch can produce 20,000 lbs force to meet most of the requirements.