Double Girder Overhead Crane Heavy Duty

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QD Heavy Duty Crane

The QD double girder overhead crane is a traditional heavy duty crane which more than 5000 units has been produced each year for the market.  Compare to the light duty LH overhead crane, it is consist of winches system, heavy girder, heavy end carriages.  

The work duty is available by A5, A6, A7 and A8.

This crane is designed for workshop, steel factory, shipyard, power house, and all heavy duty working situation. 

QD crane is normally controlled by cabinet for a good bird view of the working site. 


The girders adopts high quality steel plate from the top 3 steel factories (Anyang Steel, Handan Steel, Wuhan Steel) ensures the 50 years service life. 

Inside reinforcement plates has given strong box girder and give strong support to the hoist.

Service platform allow people go give easy maintenance for the mechanical parts and electrical parts.

End carriages

The end carriages structures is made from automatic laching machine from the rectangular tube. Synthetic motors give strong power for the long traveling. 

Winch Hoist

The hoist is the core part of the crane. QD crane combines individual motor, gearbox, brake, drum, steel structure, wheels to make the hoist heavy duty.  



Control Pendant