» 4VA4000
Item No./Details Mobile lighting Tower(Trailer Mounted)
Model 4VA4000
Length 2180mm
Width 1130 mm
Height 2700mm
Full extending height 7m
Gross weight 550kg
Engine model KD440 (KOHLER) / CHANGCHAI 186F
Speed(rpm) 3600
Number of cylinders 1
Engine characters 4 stroke,air-cooled diesel
Combustion System Direct injection
Engine aspiration Naturally aspirated
Standard configuration SPARKS
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rating voltage (50/60Hz) 230/240-120 VAC
Alternator insulation Class H
Alternator protection grade IP23
Mast & Lights
Type of Lights Regular metal halide
Light¡¯s fixture Rectagle
Luminous flux 110000 LM/light
Number & power of lights 4x1000W
Number of mast sections 5
Mast lifting Manually
Mast extension Manually
Light tilt Manually
Trailer suspension & axle with brakes Leaf springs & single axle without brake
Tow bar A style tow frame with supporting jack
Stabilizing legs & number 2 pcs extendable bar with manually retractable jacks
Wheel’s rim size & tires 13″ rim with regular tires
Tow adapter 2″ ball adapter
Tail light Tail reflector
Max towing speed 100km/h
Additional Features
Fuel tank Type Punch forming steel sheet
Fuel tank capacity 38 liters (45 US gallons)
Operating hours with full fuel 25 hours
Wires & electric components Regular
Generator canopy Rotational moulding plastic trunk with steel sheet base
Generator starting type or controler Key starting
Max. against wind when fully extended 20 m/s
Acoustic pressure 77dB(A) at 7 meters away
Standard colour orange or yellow canopy, black chasis, galvanized masts, tow bar & stabilizing legs
Max. # of units loading in 40¡¯ high container (Some components would be detached) 18
Quantity 1set