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In 2010, LYFOO initially started business from industrial crane and rigging product. As the regional distributor of  NUCLEON and SHENGQI, we are responsible for the international market and the north China market (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province).

In 2013,  LYFOO started a cooperation with Huabei Technology University and developed the first “Patient Lift” product in China.   

In 2015, “Beijing Hengtong Innovation Luxwood Technology Co., Ltd.” has appointed LYFOO to be the international market agent for their light structure villa product.  The light steel structure is new concept of house construction than traditional brick concrete material.

In 2017, LUCKY FILM GOUP has appointed LYFOO to be the exclusive distributor for their low-pressure measurement film for the International market.  LUCKY is the only pressure film producers beside FUJI in the world.

In 2017, JCCL technology, a famous smart home product supplier has invested LYFOO as a strategic partner. LYFOO start distribution of JCCL product to the international market.

In 2018, LYFOO has been funded by 35 companies from the material handling material industry and  set up  a “Workshop Union” project (short as WKS union).  WKS union provides “Super Cost Effective” and “Super Quality Controlled” product to the market.    “Workshop Union”carries out an individual QC program for the products before delivering from the factories. Thus, the product sold from “Workshop Union” will be double quality controlled. In the coming days, our offer from “Workshop Union Co., Ltd.” will be terms of “EXWorkshop” rather than EXW.  Surprising price will be obtained.

The list of the Workshop Union members are:

Hebei Shenqi Rigging Group.

Hebei Jili Rigging Co., Ld.

Beijing KLD Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Henan Shengqi Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd.

… …