Lyfoo Industry Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, LYFOO starts business as the daughter company of Shengqi Machinery Group, who is one of the leading crane manufactures here in China.

Clients can always find the latest prices for over 100 products, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, jib, manual hoist, electrical hoist, fiber sling, chain, pulley, magnet lifter, hook, shackles, etc.

“Woskshop Union”

“Workshop Union” is organized by LYFOO Industry Co., Ltd. in 2018, by uniting 35 factories from material handling products in 2018.

Main Products

Shengqi Machinery Group, the top 3 crane factory in China producing overhead crane and gantry crane up to 650t. As a daughter company, our company is responsible for international market developing.  Product available: overhead cranegantry craneFEM Crane jib crane, Non-rail gantry crane, wire rope hoist, etc.

Light duty material handling product include manual hoistmagnet lifterfiber sling, jack, pallet, chains, etc. More details….

In 2017, LUCKY FILM GOUP has appointed LYFOO to be the exclusive distributor for their low-pressure measurement film for the International market.  LUCKY is the only pressure film producers beside FUJI in the world. Now we have 1LW, 2LW, 3LW, 4LW, 5LW and MS available.

With 5 years of development, we have formally released the “patient lift“(ceiling lifting) for transfering handicap patient from one place to another.

Popular Products